This is us! Welcome to the Sabey household here in Provo, Utah. We love being active. Our favorite sport right now is Pickleball. I grew up in Michigan and my husband grew up in Colorado, so it’s tricky for us to find middle ground where he likes the dryness and I love the humidity. I will admit that while we loved North Carolina the summer was hot and it didn’t matter if you were in sun or shade it all felt the same. However, in Utah I feel like I need lotion often and when I am in the sun I feel it burning my skin.

We do love the mountains out here and seeing the Y outside our window everyday is awesome. We know we will be here for at least another year because of the MBA program Matt is enrolled in. I am thinking we will most likely stay here for another year after that, but we don’t actually know what lays ahead. We could be here for 5 or 10 years for all we really know. Or we could leave right after he is done and head further west. I don’t know, but I plan on loving every bit of the journey.

Take time to smell the roses.