Renting in Provo

We moved to Utah and stayed at Matt’s grandma’s until the place we were going to live in opened up. We were so lucky that Matt’s parents wanted to help us out. They bought a house and we could rent out a part of the house. We payed rent and help keep the yard up.

The way the basement is put together is just put together, not very thought out. I created different plans to change the basement layout, but my husband would tell me that it’s not worth it. The best part about living in the basement is we were paying $200 a month. Super dirt cheap for being in Provo. However I advocated to live in the upstairs portion as that way we could have a guest room and a room for our baby girl and enough room for our kitchen gadgets. Plus our baby girl will soon enough be adding to the dishes. On top of that the bedroom closet downstairs was large enough for either me or my husband’s clothes, hardly both. My husband was very supportive and it seemed that there were also three times as many spiders in the basement and three times as large…

This is taken from the doorway. I love the fireplace and how open the area is. We do want a lot of seating, because sometimes we have have two to three other couples over and it’s nice when we don’t have to worry about seating, otherwise I would get rid of the purple paisley couch, to keep it open
In this picture you can see that the kitchen is open to the living room. It’s nice, because you get the light from both rooms and you can communicate openly moving from one area to the other.

When we moved from the downstairs to the upstairs I didn’t decorate as we went. We did it quickly as there were people moving to the downstairs 3 days later. So the 3 rooms that we were living in had to come upstairs. I did most of it by myself, but the heavy things Matt and his brother were able to move. I love living here, it’s been fun.

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