Items For Camping With A Baby

It was constantly snowing cotton. Might have eaten a bit of cotton that flew into the food.

What do you bring when you go camping with a 5 month old? This is my first time camping with a baby, so I didn’t know. I knew what to bring for myself. They don’t really make sleeping bags for babies and how much can a baby stay warm by herself at night? There are lots of ways to camp with a baby. What I wish we would have done is a two person sleeping bag for me and baby and a one person sleeping bag for daddy.

This camping trip was a family reunion in Palisades, Idaho and we were lucky that family was willing to share what we didn’t have and they were all willing to watch baby when we wanted to do our own thing. Free babysitting, who wouldn’t love that?

The first and foremost thing I would bring is a pack and play. Not so much for the night out in Idaho, because it gets cold, but for nap time. I thought I could lay baby on my sleeping bag mid day, but that could get to distracting and a pack n play resembles what she is used to most of the time.

The next thing that is big on the list is to count the diapers you think you would need in a day and add an extra. It never hurts to have too many then not enough. I don’t think wipes are as important, because at this stage the most she poops is twice in one day, but mostly once a day.

I would add a hat, because it covers their whole head and not just skin which is what sunblock does. I would also bring sunblock for the areas that don’t get covered with the hat. And a jackets for night time along with long pants if she is wearing shorts. Having a baby carrier is also nice if you decide to go on a walk. One of the reasons we chose to bring a carrier instead of a stroller is because a carrier takes up less space when traveling.

Hand sanitizer is a big one on my list. Mainly because its useful after a poopy diaper change. It also comes in really handy if there isn’t any running water at the campground and you need to use the restroom.

Last but not least I will say that having a bottle there when I wanted to get away and do something was super nice! We had the chance of going tubing and I knew that when she woke from her sleep she would be hungry. So I had a bottle ready for her and I was able to go tubing without worrying that she was hungry. This way I could enjoy the boat ride. It was so nice!

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