Makeover bathroom for my In-laws

I married into one of the greatest families. They are very bonded in their relationships and I just love that I can learn so much from them. They are all very knowledgeable and have great talents! My mother-in-law is very skilled at making documentaries happen. It’s amazing to watch those creations come to life. She is also very skilled in encouraging others to get better at what they love.

The Background to the story:

One day during the year of Covid-19 I was having a really hard time and I told my husband I wanted to be with family. It felt like we were alone, even though we did have some family close, it’s just different when you are in their house and have multiple interactions then just once in a while. So, we drove to Colorado for the weekend. It was also the weekend of General Conference for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It felt so great and I was almost dreaming about what I could do for this bathroom. So I asked my mom (that’s what I call her now) and she gave me permission. I was so excited! My first real project!

I took a picture of this, because there were times that in my peripheral vision I would think that the door was slightly open, but it wasn’t.

I love the simplicity of this bathroom. It has the necessities and decor. I know, as a beginner at interior design that you are supposed to create a design board. I tried to do that, but it’s difficult when given no budget and I had dreamed up a design board in my head. This way what I had imagined up could very easily be changed. So of course in my dreamed up version of the bathroom I had put up shiplap on one of the walls and I thought maybe it could be the wall that I hadn’t painted yet.

Well apparently shiplap is pricey, so it got changed to a stenciled pattern. Mainly because wall paper has had a past experience of being taken down and does not want to get put back up. But, also wall paper can get pricey, so this is a perfect in between. At this point my husband helped me paint the wall on the toilet side white and we changed the light fixture.

Progress picture.

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