From North Carolina to Utah

After my husband and I got married we moved to Raleigh North Carolina. My sister and her family lived there and we lived with his brother and sister-in-law, until they moved out and went to Boston. Then we took over the house. We were living in a house that had two parts. The bottom is where we lived and the top part is where we were renting it out as an AirBnB. The AirBnB section had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a table and a living room. It was a nice space and my husbands brother and sister in law had it all decorated so nicely as well. And it was a bit of work for them to get it all ready, because before that it was my husband and roommates living in that space.

It was very open and I loved the feel of that, so even though it wasn’t big it was perfect for us. If Matt was gone I wasn’t afraid of going into any of the unknown space. It was very loved and there was a lot of light that came from those doors.
Where the stairs are we had a large armoire that was beautiful and held a lot of our kitchen appliances, like blender, kitchenaid, bowls.. etc. As you can see this kitchen only had one drawer, but we made it work for us.
My older sister that lived in Raleigh with us gave us the idea of a table that came from the wall that looks like art. Can you spy it? We built and loved it so much! It was our table. That sister is also the one who gave us the beautiful armoire. It was so wonderful having her there. (She also gave us a lot of decor to help the space look more elegant.)

After living in Raleigh for a full year, my husband decided it was time to test for the GMAT. His job in Raleigh was going to a kids park with a train, boat ride, carousel, and lots of fun activities they had going on for kids and sell his balloon animals that he would create. He did really well, but he didn’t want that to be his carrier for the rest of his life, for various reasons. He finished taking the actual GMAT test and did so well that we got a full tuition scholarship to BYU. He would have applied to other schools, except they weren’t accepting applications at that time and the networking at BYU is more how we network then the way it might be done at other schools. For example we don’t drink and some networking might be done at bars. Also a plus for me when going to BYU is they have an MBA-spouse association, where the spouses get together.

This is Matt’s car that we filled to move across the country. I took this picture as when we stopped at a museum in North Carolina before we left the state.
And this was my car, with no AC. We felt SO BLESSED having two cars!

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